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​ Who Are We?  Let's Ask Our Customers. . .

​What do our customers already think?

It’s a place where the bartenders are going to know who they are and what they drink.  It’s the ‘late night’ spot. We welcome all walks of life.  Anything can happen, we've seen a lot.  It’s always an adventure and always fun!

What do we want our customers to think?

All of the above’s more than a late night spot. It is a great happy hour stop too. We hope locals and visitors feel welcome and comfortable in the bar. We want you to feel like you’ve been coming here for years! Any race, religion, rich or poor all in one bar.

What qualities/traits do we want to portray to our customers?


We have great stories after 30 years on Dauphin Street.  We are a juke joint with a pool table and a few games.  We are always open and ready to have a good time. It’s an authentic local experience. It’s a great place before and after any downtown event. We are big supporters of the arts and many local charities.  It’s nostalgic.

It is the most iconic bar in town!

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